CG1-30 نوعية جيدة لهب الغاز آلة قطع الغاز القاطع

تفاصيل سريعة

حالة: جديدة
Voltage: 220V /110V/380V
القوة المصنفة: -
Dimension(L*W*H): 470*230*240mm
Weight: 16KG
شهادة: م
الضمان: 1 سنة
خدمات ما بعد البيع المقدمة: المهندسين متوفرة لخدمة الآلات في الخارج
سمك القطع: 6-100 مم
Name: CG1-30 Flame Gas Cutting Machine / Gas Cutter
التطبيق: قطع المعادن الصناعية
قطع المواد: معدن الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ الكربون الصلب الألومنيوم
Type: CG1-30
وضع القطع: أوكسي الوقود (اللهب)


وصف المنتج

The main body is made of aluminum of high strength by diecasting minutely Speed system is adjusted by controlled silicon.Oxygen acetylene hose is made of high quality rubber with advanced process. Attached quick connector for hose quick link. Quick switch is attached in pipe assembly for higher efficiency. Mainly for straight line cutting and for circular cutting>Φ200mm. Single torches cutting, groove range: I.Y.V(45°) Applied in shipbuilding, oil production, metallurgy, metal structure and other manufacturers etc.


1.Hose:The three hoses are used individually for fuel gas, preheating oxygen and cutting oxygen.
2. Cross hand wheel:To adjust the horizontal distance of torch
3. Cross gear rack
4.Vertical adjusting hand wheel of torch
6.Thermal baffle:To prevent the heat diffusing into the inner of machine.
7. Fuel gas two-port valve:To adjust gas-flow rate.
8. Gas distributor.
9.Clutch hand knob: “STOP” is parting. “START”is combination.
10. Body
11. Speed controller : Increase the speed from “0”to“10”Decease speed from “10” to “0”.
12. Outlet
13. Universal wheel

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